Reeves’ Fifth Element – Feedback

Dr. Reeves’ fifth element is feedback. John Hattie has also found this to have a high effect on learning. In fact, Hattie and Yates (10`4) identify feedback as “one of the most powerful factors implicated in academic learning and resultant achievement.” According to Reeves, the kind of feedback matters. Reeves coined to acronym FAST to speak to the characteristics of effective feedback.

F stands for fair. Consistency facts into this as well as high quality rubrics that clearly delineated the expected performance. Fair allows for accurate and consistent measurement of the desired assessment or behavior. A stands for accurate. This element matches the evaluation with what is being evaluated. In assessing teacher performance, the primary indicator of effectiveness should be student learning. S stands for specific. Clear and specific evaluation rubrics allow for feedback that is specific to the expectation and provide teachers with a means of growth. Consistency in feedback is also achieved. T stands for timely. Feedback must be provided as close to the performance as possible in order to have the best effect.

Reeves relates that school with high levels of focus, monitoring, and efficacy perform dramatically better than schools hot having these qualities. By focus, he means that the leader has six of fewer priorities that the leader and teachers regularly discuss and monitor. By monitoring, he means the monitoring of adult actions. According to Reeves, efficacy may be the most important issues for schools to address. Efficacy is the deep belief that our works makes a difference.

People will thrive and grow with FAST feedback. Establishing a culture for improvement is critical for a school’s improvement and increasing student achievement. FAST feedback is one elements that supports this work.

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